Thursday, 25 October 2012

I Am a Blogger!!

So... After lying in bed for 7 hours, tossing and turning from the pain in my body due to gym a day ago... I lie in bed and realise - HEY! I haven't read Arlene's latest blog.

I got out of bed, switched the light on and sat there with my laptop... After reading her blog, I realised I'm not one of her blog members - so I went and signed in. Then it asked me if I would also like to create a blog of my own. And WALLAH! Low and behold... I AM A BLOGGER!

Forgive me, I am quite new to this whole thing... My posts may seem alil amateur right now, and my spelling may be quite disgraceful, but ill get there...

To most of you that know me, this year has been quite rough... alil birdy told me a few days ago that I should start writing about my experiences, so here I am.. Telling the whole world! LOL. Arlene has inspired me with her posts and I sure hope I do the same.

No pictures today guys...  Its currently 03:09 Thursday morning... Sorry Mum...

Thanks Arlz... For not only inspiring me to be a blogger, but also for being an amazing friend! Dedicate this post to you! (:

Goodnight Peeps

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