Friday, 16 November 2012

Simple Is Perfect

Hey Readers...

So we've all had those days (specifically speaking to the ladies), where we're walking around the mall... "window shopping"... and we stumble upon something we reeaaaallllly like and end up buying it!

Well a few weeks ago I had one of those days. My friend Tasarnia had her 21st, and in my head I had an idea of what I was going to wear... Until a few days before I went to watch a movie with my friend Charissa, and decided to "window shop" until I found this dress... And guess what, it wasnt even on diplay! I walked in, and it was the first thing I saw!

Bro and I
My friend Charissa & I

The birthday girl - Tasarnia

My fav dress... from Threads

So for the first time i went to a funtion with ALL my hair back! I muct say i quite like it... :) What do you think?
Hair up :)

Simple mullet dresses will do the trick... :)

Watermelon coloured mullet dress

One sleeve dresses trending at the moment.... and looks great on anyone!
 My Style inspiration for today : Jennifer Lopez

Here is a simple combination of something simple but extreamly elegant! :)

And so my friends, as u can see... Simple is beautiful!!! :) :) :)

Until the next blog... :)
Stay fabulous!

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