Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Forever Starts Today

Good Morning Friends,

Gosh, I've been having so much problems with my cell phone as well as my laptop internet. I do apologize for not updating my blog as frequently as I should.

But never-the-less.. I have something so exiting to share with you. One of my close friends, Arlene, got married two weekends ago. It is by far the best wedding I have been to!

Started as early as Friday night for the rehearsal dinner, and continued throughout the entire weekend.

We checked into our chalet at the Bush Fellows resort on friday night... It was such an amazing experience sharing an entire weekend with the newly wedded couple.

Waking up Saturday morning to a delicious breakfast while mingling with the rest of the guests at the resort was a first for me, following a quick slip away to the chalet to get dressed for the wedding.

We partied all night long! It certainly was a night to remember, not only for the couple, but for all of us!

Congrats to Darren and Arlene.. Mr and Mrs August. Everything of the best in the years to come... xoxo

So here's what i wore.. :)

My Look
Dress: Ooh La La
Shoes: Pierre Cardin
Bag: Gift
Earings: Ooh La La
Bracelet: Borrowed

Thanks for reading... :)

Ladies, keep checking for my next fashion post, AND my blog has just passed 2000 VIEWS!!!! Competition coming soon! :)

Thanking each and everyone of you once again for the continued support!


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