Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Feeling Bird-tiful

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Johannesburg has been known to be a concrete jungle, the capital hub of South Africas business world. However, in the heart of Fourways, based at the cosmopolitan Montecasino is The Bird Gardens. This is not only a peaceful and calming retreat to nature, but an important vessel used to preserve our local endangered species and educate the public about a side we rarely delve into.

I was fortunate enough to speak to the eduction officer, as well as the bird show presenter at the Montecasino Bird Gardens. They were kind enough to share their insight to the beautiful creatures they care for. The second you step into the gates, you are enchanted by intimate walkways and lush green havens for birds, reptiles and endangered species of extraordinary animals such as the Hornbill and our very own national bird, the Blue Craine.

The Montecasino Bird Gardens is home to over 1 000 birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. The amazing walk through aviary offers some 60 species of birds, including scarlet sbises, royal starlings and Nicobar pigeons as well as the largest and most private collection of African cycads in the world.

The stars of the Montecasino Bird Gardens are the colorful and talented show birds which captivates audiences with breathtaking displays of free, unrestrained flight in the Flight Of Fantasy bird show.

The main aim of the park is to educate the public, with issues concerning animals in general, and to help create awareness for endangered species.

The Southern Ground Hornbill Project is aimed at taking the Southern Ground Hornbill and increasing the number in our country. Unfortunately we only have 800 individuals left. What the project does is they help hand raise the Hornbills and then increase their numbers greatly.

We can't forget about our national bird - The Blue Craine. Our Blue Craine is endemic to South Africa, which means that it can be found no where else in the world. They're found in the grassland areas here in South Africa. They were also not doing so well recently but fortunately they have managed to increase their numbers. Currently we have about 25 000 individuals in South Africa - Which ultimately become our success story!

Something that is a MUST in the gardens is the lorikeet aviary, where visitors can feed the rainbow lorikeets. Lorikeet nectar can be purchased from the ticket office.

For any more information you can call the Montecasino Bird Gardens on 011-511- 1864 or visit  or CLICK HERE

If there is any organization that you would like to learn more about. Please email me at with suggestions and I will try my best to bring you an exclusive interview.

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  1. Hi I gotta say you quite the inspiration. U seem to care about the environment like those birds to. Just gotta say you doing a good thing. Wish I was as bold as you to do something like that with meaning. You could always check out durbans bird park next if ever in durban. Well wanted to say you doing an awesome job hope hear more from you on your blog.

  2. Thank you... I appreciate all your feedback. :) Please keep reading as I'm trying my best to get involved in the community... Will definitely check out the bird park when I'm in Durban again.. xxx ~M*

    1. Of course I will be a regular reader of your blog, besides I'm a fellow blogger so will support you. I like what you doing for the community also I will continue to read, looking for to your post or project. :)


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