Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Spring Is In The Air!

Although the chilli atmosphere hasn't left us just yet, its safe to say that "Spring has ARRIVED!!"

I couldn't wait to put on my shorts and sandals and bring out the water guns for a spring fight. Never the less, i'm pretty confident i did justice to my spring outfit. Lacking a bit of colour I know... but I was trying to tone it down a little.

Here is my fashion post for the 1st of September!

I tried to keep warm as possible without having to wear too much! Tell me what you think about it?
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My Look:
Dress - Gift
Shoes - Aldo
Nude Stockings - Woolworths
Bangles and earings - Mr Price Fashion
Blazer - Mr Price Fashion
Grey top - Identity

Thanks for reading :)

Until the next post...


  1. Hey I'm not into fashion but I am blogger. Love to read peoples content. Well you do look cute in those outfits and definitely look ready from spring. I'm not quite ready yet never do my spring clothes shopping yet but will do soon. Thanks for an awesome post.


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