Thursday, 27 February 2014

Check Mate!

So Mr Price is having a checkered shirt challenge, and the first thing that popped up into my mind was the first checkered shirt (And only checkered shirt) in my closet to come out and play. Seems like I needed a reason to bring this little baby out of my closet. 

Is it a crime to have only one check shirt in my closet? Well them put me in handcuffs because check (for me) is an art, and so far, only Mr Price has done it right!

I'm really loving this look… Its a very typical, summer day. And the pop of colour does the entire outfit justice. I love the fact that you can play around with a small item of clothing such as a check shirt. It can help keep you looking soft and comfortable, or be put around your waist for that street edginess…

Can't wait to see your check challenge pictures… Share some with me! :)

My Look:
Mr Price checkered shirt
Factorie striped crop
Mr Price head band
Mr Price high waisted jean shorts (old)
Gift high tops 

Thanks Mr Price for the challenge… All I can say now is... Check Mate! - I win! :)


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