Tuesday, 1 July 2014

#AUGUSTINEGold Launch || Event

In the City of Gold (Mind the pun) I attended a much anticipated event held by 4Elements Media, on Thursday the 26th of June at Elevate nightclub in Johannesburg... The countdown to this event on social media was completely insane, and left me with high expectations.

Did it meet my expectations? Ofcourse yes! The venue alone set a "HIGH" standard! I was so thrilled at the fashion statements that some people actually had the guts to pull off. Being a fashion blogger, I try not to limit myself into my interpretation of what I think fashion is. So, I went in with an open mind. It got me thinking quite a bit. I was really impressed at how 'being yourself' (in all sense of that phrase) is accepted in todays generation. I am a jeans and heels kinda girl, but pulling of some leather tights, patent boots, a beanie and a biker jacket actually felt good for once! And I didn't feel over or under dressed whatsoever!

That's why I am so excited these two brands are collaborating. Augustine can be seen on many South African catwalks including Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Gold Street Society has been the underground Kings in the fashion industry, and have definitely shown us things we've never seen before. Joining these two amazing brands proves that you can dress street style and still make a massive statement!

As always I love meeting new people, and this got me the opportunity to get to know a few familiar faces better. They had only good things to say about the event and that it never disappoints. I couldn't agree more. Vicky Crease Catering just put the golden cherry on the top! Its so hard to resist their delicious macaroons!

And, I did not leave empty handed... I was gifted an #AUGUSTINEGold beanie to add to my collection.

Diana From "A Girl In Africa" Blog

CEO's of 4Elements Media, Brett Rogers & Lorinda Voges

Musican @Lexleomusic

DJ Doowap dressed by  #AUGUSTINEGold 
Founder/Creative Director of Gold Street Society, Yianni Crease & partner

Jay Anstey

Gina Myers & Shashi Naidoo

Da Les and friends

Tamara Dey

More familiar faces and style icons, Daniel Baron, Alan Foley, Jerri Mokgofe, Atish Jogi

My Look:
Beanie and gloves from my brothers closet
Woolworths leather jacket
Mr Price top
Leather leggings were a gift
Aldo patent boot 

If you were at the launch and didn't get to say hi, comment below, drop me an email or follow me on my social networks so I know who you are. I enjoy getting to know my followers and the people behind the pictures. The camera doesn't capture everything!

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  1. What a fantastic event it was! I wish I could have attended this show but was quite busy with my corporate events. Actually there were some international meetings that were quite important. Anyways, if there are some other fashion events in the near time then do inform!


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