Friday, 12 December 2014

#NicciAndSweetSerendipity Part Three || Look Post

Friday Blues

While the rest of the week behaved fairly well, the last thing you need is to feel like your friday isn't being good to you. Regardless of how you feel or what you're going through, fridays itself should just be an excuse to dress up and go out - even if its just for coffee at the mall. The festive season is upon us. The gym gets emptier & the mall gets fuller. 

You may seem so mixed with emotions and stressed about tying loose ends, finishing projects, reaching goal weight or even the anticipation of not knowing what to expect in the new year. The least of your worries should be what to wear for the day. Which brings me to the timeless trend of denim. It can be worn anytime, anywhere, any season! Although many say never pair denim with denim, I think it is something of the past. Denim is comfortable and always makes you feel at your best, whether its with a pair of heels, boots or sneakers.

Leather and denim work really well together too. It gives a little biker edge to your look without it looking like you tried too hard.

I tend to over-think my over-thinking a lot. Ask my friends and family, they will tell you. I do that with almost everything! Simple board games, the things people say to me, the things I say to people, and yes, even my OOTD! Simple pair of  skinny jeans, fold them up, and wallah!! Its different but looks good!

I noticed I get complimented a lot when I just throw on something comfortable with a shirt I bought centuries ago but didn't use it because I didn't feel like it was on trend at the time. Hunny, not everything you wear needs to be on trend, and just like the man that should be in your life, people should love you regardless of the price tag.

Ive seen woman on countless occasions leave their house with every piece of jewellery they own. "Uhm... Do you need some clothes to go with those accessories??" (Some will get me, others, it may take a while). Lol. Accessories are important ladies but not always with everything you wear. A big tip is to keep your sparkly clothes and accessories for the night time.

What I'm wearing:
Denim jeans and sequenced jacket, black peplum top all available at Nicci Boutiques || Strap heel from Legit

What Becca wears:
Yellow net basket ball Tee, Leather jacket, dark denim jeans, chunky necklace and boots all available at Nicci Boutiques

Hope you guys enjoyed reading. See, I did promise it would be a lot less emotional. LOL. Hope you packing well for festive and don't forget when doing Christmas shopping to make sure you buy those signature pieces. Nicci Boutiques is the best place to do just that!

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