Thursday, 25 September 2014

Carvela SA || Event

Many times I walk into a store and I walk right out, simply because I only buy items of clothing or accessories I really like. With the New Carvela store relaunch, it was hard not walk out there with bags and bags of items. Their casual new summer range is awesome! I'm not a fan of their short heels but their hand bags and clutches were driving me crazy. I am absolutely a huge junky when it comes to the scent of new leather, walking around the new store like a puppy sniffing for a bone. 

I enjoyed meeting new people and getting the opportunity to chat with people from around the world that's part of the Carvela brand. From representatives from Switzerland, to the operating manager of the store. It was great to see such passion for not only the store, but for the brand as well. 

I must say Carvela has certainly evolved over the years keeping up to trend and style while still at the same time stay appealing to people who can afford it.

I grabbed one of my favourite hand bags, and while I couldn't afford it just yet, there was no reason why I couldn't take a picture with it. Lets just pretend for today okay... ;)

On to the VIP guests of the evening. You know what a sucker I am for experimental fashion. My best dressed had to be Master Chefs very own, Kamini Pather. Her Avant Apparel coat made me wish 
I wasn't so tiny. I mean lets get real, if I had to use something like that I would literally drown in fabric... But who knows... Maybe in the future I'd be daring enough to risk becoming worst dressed. 

My amazing friends Jarred Doyle and Francois Louw who make any event an exciting one - and no Francois and I did not co-ordinate our colour scheme. That monochrome blazer looks amazing though, by one of my ultimate favourite designers, F.Wilson.

Thank you to Miss Boss Couture for my amazing two piece. This skirt got so much attention that night, not that I didn't like it, but I am so proud of how far this brand has come. 

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