Tuesday, 30 September 2014

#NicciAndSweetSerendipity Part One || Look Post

I am so incredibly excited about this post I literally cannot wait any longer to share with you the #NicciAndSweetSerendipity series. This is part one of a four part series in which I team up with Nicci Boutiques to feature my own style in fashion with the help of their exquisite pieces of clothing and accessories.

My partner in crime here, is the little mastermind behind some of the handpicked pieces of clothing you see in Nicci stores nation wide. Meet Rebecca. Model in the making, don't you agree? 

I had so much fun working with her to create something that has never been done on my blog before. As my first collaboration with a brand, it has been a huge honour and great experience for me to be able to step out of my comfort zone a little bit. Sometimes we tend to get stuck in our own sense of style and fashion, we forget to ask others what they think about a certain look. 

That is what I had the opportunity to do here and I loved it! Even though I was complimented on every outfit I came out with, it was flattering to hear that something I would normally think looks better on someone else, actually looks quite good on me too. I had the opportunity to play with styles and had the chance to see what I felt comfortable in.

As this series goes on I will be sharing with you a couple of my experiences over the past couple weeks. AND I've got big news to share with you at the end of it all! I can't wait for what the future has in store… but I guess its all about enjoying the moment! We should all definitely just live for right now… And yes, Im going to say it…… YOLO!!

What I'm wearing:
Dress and gold clutch and pearl hand cuff from Nicci Boutiques / Pierre Cardin shoes 

What Becca wears:
Dress, pink clutch, statement necklace and wedge shoes from Nicci Boutiques

Thanks for stopping by… You can view our behind the scenes video now up on my youtube channel.. simply click on the Youtube tab at the top or click on this link http://youtu.be/aBF7XknQgXY

Look out for part two next week! YAY!!

Until the next post…


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